There is a stigma behind MCN, that they are time consuming and that they are difficult to wash and use. Both of which are incorrect.

Personally, using MCN means I only do an extra TWO loads of washing per week. The waste gets tipped into the toilet, I hang my nappy on a peg chandelier and when it's full I wash them along with any dirty bibs, face washers or tea towels. they get a long cycle with sensitive detergent and napisan. DONE!

After the wash I hang them on a clothes horse and they dry overnight in 20* weather, sometimes I put the inserts in the drier and the shells on the deck in the sun for a faster option. That night it will take me TEN mins to stuff the nappies, all ready to go again!

It can not get much simpler than that!


Disposable nappies take 150 years to break down in landfill, and within

Australia and New Zealand 3.75 million nappies are used every single day.

As well as large amounts of water used to make disposable nappies,

they also use one cup of crude oil per nappy.

Using MCN also reduces the amount of chemicals that your babies’ skin

comes in contact with and the amount of household rubbish

you put out on the curb for collection each week.

If you have multiple or larger waste bins ordered for your property you will be able to cut annual rate costs and as a collaborative be able to

reduce the impact we have on our local and national environment.


Over a babies lifespan it is estimated to cost families an average of $3000 in disposable nappy use. to be completely set up with MCN will cost you less than $500! and it gets better, if you have another child, well you are already set up! TOO EASY!

With the pocket style MCN the nappies are able to fit your child at all ages until toilet training. The multiple snap buttons on the front mean they can cover small, medium and large,

starting from around 3kg.

The extra loads of washing do not add too much to the overall cost of one load of washing roughly costs $1.00, at two extra loads a week that is a total of around $100.00 annually. $600 of MCN use is still looking at being a much better option than the $3000 plus disposable option.

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