Our focus is to help new parents migrate into the cloth nappy method with ease, while keeping our products at an economic price, while helping the environment, in excellent quality products.


We are retailers selling Alva Baby products at $1.00 more than Alva Baby directly. This added dollar allows us to provide free consultation services to local residents of the Frankston City Council, Victoria. We also offer faster shipping on lower checkout totals. This allows you to add a couple prints or a second set of inserts to your stash without having to wait weeks in shipping times. We also offer free delivery local to the FCC, or if conveient for any customers they may pick up there items at an arranged time. Time can be precious once bub arrives and we want to help in any way possible.


When I receive my wholesale order there is a bit of plastic involved, to help remove this plastic from landfill, we recycle it appropriately, and send the fluffy items on to you with no plastic involved. This takes the extra recycling work out of your hands so you have more time to prewash your new inserts and get your bub puffy, as fast as possible!


Your personal shipping information and details are only used to communicate with you about your current order.

We do not store any information received and do not pass on any  of your confidential details. Our checkout uses SSL Secure Payments, ensuring that any data passed within the web server and your browser is safe, private and integral.

For payments we recommend Paypal, if you wish to pay using cash (when picking up only) or direct bank transfer please contact us directly BEFORE you order, we also accept credit / Debit card payments, Thank you.

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Your personal information and details are only used to communicate with you about our current offers or new products.

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You have the right to revoke your email address from our subscription at any time. Your choice will be respected and your address will be removed from our server.

There will be no third party advertisement in these emails, there may be collaborative offers within these emails with Blossom Bums products. Thank you.

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