Cloth Nappies & Packs

With waterproof outer made of breathable PUL, and an inner of suede cloth

allows water to wick away from the babies skin and through to the absorbent 3-layered mircofibre / bamboo liner, this pocket style of cloth nappy is the perfect choice for you and your baby.


Each nappy has three levels of 'rise' snaps and many snaps around the waist,

meaning your nappy can be adjusted to three sizes of small, medium or larger,

there is no need to buy different sizes as your baby grows. Each nappy comes with one insert, addition inserts are available per singles or as a multi pack.

with prints like these what baby would not love to be seen in cloth?!

Bamboo inserts are only available with special orders.

We are now accepting special orders, if you are after any Alva Baby prints

we are happy to order them in for you!

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