Juicy Melon



  • These swim nappies can fit a baby from 4.5kg to 18kg (guide only)
  • A slim and groovy design that has a tight and effective fit on any baby.
  • 3x3 snaps: to adjust the size from S to M to L. The one nappy will cover you through all sizes
  • Elastics around the waist and thighs.



  • Outer: waterproof 100% Polyester with PUL, designed for holding solids.
  • Inner: soft Polyester Mesh
  • Use: Adjust to fit baby. A snug fit in the legs and waist are key to avoid leaks, a loose nappy will have gaps for waste to escape.


Tips & Care

  • You do NOT need an insert for a swim nappy


Wash Instructions

  • Remove and rinse off any waste (knock solids into toilet), then store in dry pail or hang to dry before wash.
  • Hand/machine wash cold/warm on gentle cycle.
  • Line dry/Low tumble dry only.


Photo credit: www.alvababy.com

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