Are cloth nappies hard to use?

Certainly not, this is a myth, they are simple to use and you wash them very much like a regular load of wash - head over to our Care Instructions page for further details

do they leak?

ALL nappies leak. How many memes of poo explosions have you been tagged in since your pregnancy announcement?! - Exactly.

Cloth nappies have tight elastics which help prevent these dreaded poo explosions, we have never had one and same for many  of our friends.

You may be prone to wet leaks when starting out.

This could be due to compression issues, the nappy could be done up too tight or too loose. adjusting the rise snaps will make the nappy wider around the legs, adjusting the belly snaps will give your bub more room around that ever growing tum.

You could also be at a stage where your bub is having a larger output, try increasing the absorbency of the nappy by adding an extra insert.

If you are still having trouble please contact us directly, or book a consultation.

Are cloth nappies expensive?

Some brands of cloth nappy can be more expensive than others, just like anything brand related.

We have chosen to stock Alva Baby nappies because after our personal experience with them we have found them to be an excellent product at such an entry point price.

Each cloth nappy is under ten dollars, with full time cloth use needing approximately 24-30 nappies. With one of our complete packs you can pretty much be sorted until toilet training for under $400!

More information on the economic benefits of cloth can be found under

The Three E's tab.

How do you deal with the solid waste?

Very easily, you just rinse the nappy or tip the solids into the toilet, there is not extra waste contact when using cloth in comparison - head over to our Care Instructions page for further details

Will my baby get nappy rash?

Just like leaks, Nappy rash can occur in all nappies.

The trouble is figuring out why the rash is occurring in the first place.

If you get a rash in cloth check off these possible reasons.

- please consult a doctor with any medical questions regarding treatment of nappy rash.


If you are advised to use a nappy rash cream make sure it is a zinc free and cloth friendly cream. Some creams can damage the absorbancy abilities of cloth nappies and their inserts.

- If you are advised your wash routine is causing the rash please see if we can help with any trouble shooting.

How are cloth nappies environmentally friendly?

Most importantly, you will be reducing the amount of single use plastic being sent to landfill every minute of every day.

Even when washing reusable cloth nappies you will still be using a more environmentally sustainable product.

More information on the environmental benefits of cloth nappies can be found under The Three E's tab.

Do you need to replace them?

Buying a quality brand like Alva Baby and following a good wash routine will ensure your cloth nappies longevity. The life cycle of a cloth nappy should last two children with some lasting a third or longer.

This all depends on treatment, having a stash slightly larger than bare minimum will help your nappies last longer due to less washes per week.

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