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My name is Shannon & this is my son Thomas. When my husband, Joe, and i fell pregnant back in 2017 we

wanted to do things differently, away from the consumerism based norm. We don't have a baby

monitor, he has few toys and we wanted

him to enjoy the outdoors from a young age.

When we came across MCN we knew it was

exactly what we were looking for. It allowed

us to save money, as we had just moved into

our first home, and it helped remove landfill.

With lots of research we decided Alva Baby were the

best for price point and quality on a low budget.

For my baby shower I received some money, this went straight towards our nappy stash. We started out with

a newborn pack,  then went on to 20  pocket

styled nappies from there our stash has grown

to around 35. MCN use has been great for us,

it took some getting used to, learning

the ropes, but now it is second nature. Joe

took some time  to get into it but now he is

a passionate cloth dad who will try and

convert any new parent. 12 months on and

we wouldn't change our cloth nappy  story for

anything. We love seeing tommy in his fat puffy butt.

The hero himself! #tommygc

Thomas is named after his Opa Tom and is a surprising little boy.

At home he is a pocket rocket, who loves - feeding his chickies, playing with the older boys from next door, chasing the vacuum, and carrying around large sticks or tiny gumnuts.

When we are out he is silent, watches everything and plays quietly on his own.

Currently his favourite toys are a racing red balance bike, a cup stacking tower,

and a wooden caterpillar 'Dr. Worm' we got from the zoo.

He has been camping since he was six weeks old and loves spending time outside - swimming, hiking, getting covered in as much dirt as possible.

Most importantly his Favourite foods are sauerkraut and cheesy egg omelettes.

About Our Suppliers

'Having babies can be expensive - really expensive.

After having our first babies, we figured this out very quickly and identified that there was a shortfall in the modern cloth nappy market.

We're just 2 mums, sister-in-laws from Victoria, Australia, who wanted a quality modern cloth nappy that was affordable and comfortable for our little ones.' quote source: www.evianappies.com.au

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